I’ve Always Wanted A Smart Phone

Mostly because we have a business, Natural Maui Ohana. We collect sea glass, shells, drift wood and cool glassware (that my oldest daughter and her husband cut, shape, and tumble) and we create beautiful unique jewelry that we sell at the Kahului Swap Meet here on Maui.


The Smart Phone would cover two much needed areas:


1. We could take photos of our products, customers, and other vendors and post it on Facebook and Twitter page. AND


2. We can accept credit/debit cards. Reel in those sales.


Well, I was thinking we weren’t going to get one for awhile because of the cost.


That is another reason I Love that I researched the Solavei Social Commerce and Mobile Service Plan because now I have a Smart Phone with Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data for only $49.00 per mo. AND I have a way to completely annihilate my phone bill PLUS generate as sizeable an income as I am willing to put energy towards! SMILE!


Now you can take advantage of this great and almost unheard offer!



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