Miracles In My Life

About a year and a half ago my children and I started praying. Fervent praying at home and then we go to prayers every Tuesday at my son in laws family house where we all gather, voice our concerns, give praise reports, pray, and then join in a potluck dinner. The bonding is wonderful and I Love it entirely!

Eventually we were led to church. I had been praying to connect with people like me who wanted the same thing, happiness, not just for me, but to see everywhere. We live in a world that is so fear based that I had to work on switching from being a fear based person to a happy person. This entailed being thankful and grateful, staying calm in the face of adversity, and when we attended church and I saw how happy everyone was, even if it was just for that hour and a half that they were happy it didn’t matter. What mattered was at that point in time there were a bunch of very happy people all together singing, dancing, praying and just Loving Jesus and I absolutely Love it.

It’s no coincidence that my profits in my business started to go up. But still, the business that I have, Natural Maui Ohana, can only produce so much money because we find all the sea glass, shells, drift wood so a lot of time is taken doing that and then we make all of our jewelry. So our income is dependent on what we can produce but I Love my business. It’s fun and I really enjoy collecting sea glass and shells and making jewelry and setting up at the swap meet to sell. It’s fun. But I wanted something else too so I continued to pray and lo and behold I was led to Solavei.

Solavei combines Social Networks, Commerce, and Mobile Phone Service, a first of its kind to emerge in the business world today. Traditional advertising was not an avenue that was sought, rather a more people, relationships, word of mouth type of advertising, giving people a chance to whittle their phone bill from $49 to $0 and to generate as sizeable an income as they were willing to work for.

All the qualities I wanted in a business Solavei had and so I became an Independent Solavei Social Commerce Member.

I joined because I have some Miracles in my life ~ my children and my grandchildren that I would like to see financially set in this life here on earth. Now I too can Share and Earn 🙂 SMILE!


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