Optimism in Pursuing Your goals

“Optimists are those who go after Moby Dick in a row boat with a bucket of tarter sauce.”

-Zig Ziglar


I Love this quote by Zig Ziglar! I actually picture this scene in my head and I am just so inspired by this imaginative person going after Moby Dick KNOWING that s/he’ll come out on top! So much so that s/he even brings the tartar sauce!


Zig Ziglar has been an inspiration to me and I Love to read his quotes over and over again to continue to be inspired and to continue to focus on what my goals are.


It creates confidence in me, the confidence that I need to talk to people and to share with people this wonderful new business as an Independent Solavei Social Commerce Member. Solavei combines Social + Commerce + Mobile Phone Service and I share this with others. As I share I not only get great and affordable mobile phone service but I have an opportunity to whittle my phone bill to zero and to generate income, an income as sizeable as I want it to be.


Who would not want that? First of all, everyone needs to have a cell phone right? If they don’t need one they at least want one so this is something that everyone is already paying for. The only difference is they’re paying and paying and paying and with this opportunity you pay yes, but you have the option to build a business and have them pay, and pay, and pay, YOU! Isn’t it about time we get rewarded for referring people to a business? YES IT IS!




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