Shield of Faith

In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flying arrows of the evil one. ~ Ephesians 6:16


This is a Bible Verse that I absolutely Love. Very simply put, FAITH, is what will get me where I want to be.


Solavei, the new kid on the block, offers mobile phone service for $49 + tax per month and offers members the opportunity to whittle their phone bill to $0 and generate additional income.


You will hear the competition say “It’s a scam.” It seems like any company that offers people an opportunity to generate income, and who are willing to work the business, are labelled a “scam.” Really! it’s already been 30+ years and companies that reward people for referring are still around AND multiplying in numbers.


So this idea, this stigma that’s attached itself to companies that reward people for referrals, that help moms and dads who want to stay home and raise their children, this is why I need the shield of faith, because it is true that after a certain amount of people are approached and you hear “oh, is that a scam?” you can wear down but it’s obvious that those who have this shield of faith break through and become very successful in their endeavors.


I’ve waited a long time and prayed a long time for a company that would offer people what they really need monthly so their not dishing out extra money every month, something affordable and a superior support system. I’ve researched throughout the years but nothing really pressed my passion button until Solavei, and even Solavei took a while for me to catch on. It was between Solavei and another company I was looking at which I’m still a member of but in a limited capacity.


Solavei had everything I was looking for and when I saw that Stephen Baldwin was in it that was the clincher. We watch and enjoy all his Christian movies (and you want to talk about having faith? He’s got it and I so totally admire him for it) so that was a big closer for me.




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