Wanting Happiness

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”. Matthew 6:33
When my children and I started on this journey of praying, we were seeking happiness, the kind of happiness that comes from within, not from without. The more we prayed, and especially when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, the more I began to really feel a happiness inside, a calmness, and a surety that everything works out and then some.
Our family has a business, Natural Maui Ohana. We collect sea glass, shells, drift wood, and we recycle glass ware and create beautiful unique jewelry. We sometimes have it for sale online but we always have it available for purchase at the Kahului Swap Meet (Booth #173) and we also do an occasional craft fair at another location.
We Love our family business but we know it will always keep us at a certain income level especially since we do everything. We don’t source anything out. We prayed and prayed for something to come up that would be network marketing, some type of work at home business, would provide people with a service they really need and that was affordable.
My daughter and son-in-law told me about Solavei but I wasn’t to keen on it when she first told me. It wasn’t available in Hawaii anyway at the time. I started to look more into it, started researching the company and the people. 
We always watch Christian movies, over and over :), and Stephen Baldwin is in a few of the movies we watch. So, I saw a Solavei video with Stephen Baldwin “I Am Solavei” a really great video and he talks perfect sense. Once I knew he was involved I was like WOW! This  is definitely a sign and I want to do this business! So here I am, with this blog hoping I can reach others of like mind. 
I know there are a lot, a lot of people who would Love to work from home, be with their kids, at least one of the parents but sometimes it’s hard to pull away from the mainstream. It’s ok, people don’t have to quit their jobs to do this. In fact this could be that perfect source of 2nd income if one so desired it.
So if you are of like mind you’re probably going to want to do your own research and I can help you do that! Just click the button below and be sure to sign my guest book while you’re there!

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