Money and Time and Freedom Are Less Than Wants

This is an article I wrote about 6 years ago on network marketing where I used an analogy of a math problem my daughter, then 8, had to solve for her homework. Funny how so much of what I wrote is still valid.


I hope this helps a work at home mom or dad if they are currently in a network marketing business. It’s certainly a reminder for me!


I’m just so happy that I found a company that offers the Independent Members something solid to work with, something that people really need and is affordable and a chance to generate a sizeable income depending on the work one is willing to put into it.


Please read on ~



It’s summer time now for my children. My youngest daughter just finished 3rd grade. Every night she would have tons of homework and every once in awhile I’d have to help her. She’s a very bright girl and has plans to become a chef when she grows up. Although she’s bright, and I know if she puts her mind to it she can excel in it, she despises math! So a lot of the times I had to help her was not because she “can’t” figure it out for herself, it’s mostly because she got so bored with it. Well, this is one math problem she had that sticks in my mind. You take a number, say 5, and you circle whether it is (greater than) the number 4. The answer, of course, we all know…right adults? is 5 > 4. 5 is greater than 4.

Now I pose this question: Is the money you are making right now , to your wants. Not just your needs, enough to scrape by, but your wants. Wants includes the dream car, a house you own (not rent), taking the children on a fun trip (maybe to Disneyland). Ok, so say your making money symbol is = or > to your wants. Here’s another question:

Is the time freedom you have right now , to the time freedom you want? Granted a few of you reading this will agree that the money you’re making and the time freedom you have right now is = to or > than your wants. But for those of you who don’t see, in your current situation, any chances of making the symbol change to >  than let me ask you this?

Is the desire you have to change your situation >  than the work it will take in the beginning to build a network marketing business? If your symbol is > than, then chances are you just may make it to the top!

Of course, there are a lot more factors surrounding the success of a network marketing business but I’ve observed that those that have a great desire to change their money and time situation do the things they need to do to make their business work. Following is a partial list of what “we”, who proudly possess the symbol >, are willing to do.

1. We are willing to sacrifice things today to put towards our business for a rosier future. It’s called “delayed gratification” where you are willing to wait until the right time to give yourself a reward for the work you are doing now. This means not buying the fancy outfit today, using the money for tools, and then buying 10 fancy outfits later and still have money in the account.


2. We are willing to be trained and be trainable by the experts in the field of network marketing.


3. We read books, read magazines, online articles anything we can get our hands on to help us with self growth, a major component for success with a network marketing business. If we don’t like to read, why we get the audios and if available the DVD.


4. We go to seminars.


5. We make time to be on the company or upline conference calls.


6. We take part and contribute in community forums and message boards.


7. We do things that take us out or our comfort zone.


8. We set aside time to build our business.


9. We practice thinking out of the box and use our creativity extensively.


10. We do what we need to do daily for our life today but never take our eye off the goal we have set for our future.

If your symbol is > than you’re going to Love what I have to share with you!

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