Emerge Into The Light!

Helen Keller was an amazing woman! Deaf and blind but with faith for her strength she was able to, with Anne Sullivan as her teacher, break through many obstacles that usually confront a person that is deaf and blind. She shares her wisdom with us through this quote. If she could do what she did with her life with Faith then we can also do this with our business. But we must have faith so that when obstacles come our way, and obstacles do come our way in any business and even in a job, if we remain strong in the Faith of what we’re doing then all things will be overcome and your business will “emerge into the light.” 

Solavei is positioned to assist a million people “emerge into the light” as thousandaires in their business through the 1K Challenge, an incentive to help people reach a thousand dollars a month within 90 days through roadmaps and coaching by Solavei’s top leaders in the business. 

Are you ready to “emerge into the light?” I am poised and ready to help you do just that!  

JOIN ME NOW! and get started on your journey into to Light!


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