Cell Phone Bill, 2nd Largest Bill Next To Mortgage?

If it isn’t, it sure is up there in dollar numbers. For whatever reason a cell phone company may have you locked in, it is still worth your while, especially if you know how to refer people to restaurants, movies, books, games, toys for your children, that you like already.

It’s absolutely worth it to get a phone through http://getaphone.biz/  with prices that range anywhere between $30.00 up to $500.00 and all are Unlocked and configured to work with Solavei Sim Card and Service.

Get a phone and sign up for cell phone service through Solavei and then become an Independent Solavei Social Commerce Member, enrollment is free :), start referring people to this cell phone service and start whittling your phone bill from $49 + tax to $0 AND keep referring to make residual income for yourself, for your family, AND share this to help your family and friends do the same thing.

If you truly want your cell phone bill to NOT be the 2nd largest bill next to mortgage payments in your families budget than take a serious look at this, I would have to say, and not to be cliche, GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, because that’s exactly what it is.

Instead of paying $100’s of dollars on cell phone bills, receive $100s of dollars (dependent on how many referrals you turn into clients) to keep for your family. In fact, why not work on becoming a thousandaire?

Solavei has implemented the 1K Challenge, challenging all Independent Solavei Social Commerce Members to create an income of $1,000 or more within 90 days. You are not on your own! There is a road map to follow, Webinars and training from the top leaders in Solavei. Leaders who have thousands of people on their team within 3 short months!

Solavei‘s goal is to create a milliion thousandaires in 2013. I want to be a thousandaire in 2013. How about you? JOIN ME NOW 🙂

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