Do You Sit Around And Wait For Things To Happen For You?

‎”Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself.”
~ Writer, Sara Henderson ~

Or do you make things happen yourself?

In building a network marketing business I see the most successful ones have these qualities:

  • Focus

  • Faith

  • Motivation

  • Leadership

  • Confidence

There are more but those are the top 5 that I see in them. These are the strides they take down the tunnel to light the bloody thing themselves.

If you have a business that requires you handcraft your product, you will not make sales if you don’t make product.

If you have a business where you resale products, you will not make sales if you don’t order the products you need.

If you are a real estate agent, you will not make sales if you don’t actively seek out and talk to people who wish to buy or want to sell.

If you are in a network marketing business you will not earn compensation if you do not actively seek out  other people who would like to have their own network marketing business and work from home.

Of the businesses I’ve mentioned the hardest is network marketing. But network marketing, if done with focus, faith, motivation, leadership, and confidence brings the greatest rewards. Patience also is required. Taking strides to the end of the tunnel to get the light isn’t always so easy but is not that impossible. If it was, there wouldn’t be so many successful people in network marketing.

One of the things that helps a network marketer build their business is the support system in place. I am an Independent Solavei Member. This company has the best support ever! Webinars, Challenges, videos, Facebook, Twitter messages so even if I’m far away from them, I’m on Maui, I still feel connected!

Wondering what Solavei is? Watch this video with Ryan Wuerch, CEO and Founder of Solavei. He sums it up very nicely.

It makes total and perfect sense. Cell phones have become a necessity, especially if we want to keep up with what’s happening around us. Cell phones are also the 2nd largest monthly bill next to mortgage payments. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to attempt to lower your phone bill? What could you do with the extra money you would save on your cell phone bill? How much better would it be if you had $0 cell phone bill per month? AND how wonderful would it be if you could make an additional income just from sharing all of these benefits with other people?

This is a no brainer folks…

Start saving on your cell phone bill!



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