Solavei Gets A Double Shaka From The Double Shaka King

This is Hawaii and in Hawaii the way we greet or give a thumbs up is called a Shaka. Well, my grandson has perfected his shaka. I watched him learn this, his little fingers would go all kinds of ways and to him that was a shaka. As he got more in control of his little fingers his shaka’s just sprang up so naturally greeting everyone that went by! His double shaka’s are the best, he is KING at double shaka, stance and all!  Maybe it’s in his DNA. His 4 great grand uncle, Hamana Kalili, is credited for creating the shaka. It wasn’t on purpose, he had lost 3 fingers in a work accident so when he waved there was only the 2 fingers, his thumb and little finger. 

kek dblsha 180 yo

There’s 2 stories here that inspire me. One, my grandson. He was so little, just a little over 1 yrs. old but he was determined to learn the shaka. He didn’t get it right away, he made a lot of weird shakas before he perfected it.  He was so cute he would look at his fingers and then try another way smiling all the time 🙂 This baby is a lesson to us. It is humbling how this baby at the age of 1 1/2 yrs. determined that he was going to learn something. Had faith and confidence that he was going to master it no matter what, he never once got frustrated because he didn’t do it just right.

PB1   PB2  PB3

He just kept on going and going and now look, isn’t that a perfect shaka? I think it’s a perfect shaka, he even perfected the stance…HELLO!

Kekoa shaka2



When taking pictures the shaka is automatic with him.

This is the same for us in a network marketing business. It’s not easy to do but you have a vision of what your life can be like if you just do this, be determined, have faith, know you’re going to get this, and smile the whole time. I have a vision for my sweet family and I know there are a lot of moms and dads out there that have a vision for their family too, heck there’s a lot of grandparents just like me who have a vision for their grandchildren and children. I’d like to share my vehicle that is getting me to my vision. That is getting me to the perfect double shaka WITH the perfect double shaka stance! 

See My Vehicle!



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