With God Dreams Can Be Realized, Don’t Give Up!

Everyone has a dream. Some of us pursue that dream and some of us throw our hands in the air and give up on our dreams. I never did. But I never went ahead and participated in just anything just to pursue my dream. I waited patiently for a little over 20 years until the right network marketing business presented itself to me.

It was one year after my children and I started praying as a family. At first not to God, just praying. Then we would attend prayers every Tuesday at my oldest daughter’s mother-in-law’s house. We had been doing this for about one year when we decided, after weighing how much money we made on Sunday’s at a local craft fair, not to do the craft fair anymore but if we did quit this craft fair we were going to start going to church. We already knew which church we wanted to go to so when Sunday came along we went. To our surprise my oldest daughter, her son, and my grandson were there with her mother-in-law! We were so HAPPY! When I asked her how long she had been going she told me “for awhile now.” I never knew that. See how God clears a path for us?

We’ve been going for almost one year now and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves there. 

I believe that from there, as God saw that I was more prepared to take on a network marketing business, and this I believe is mainly because God helps me to stay focused, grounded, make better decisions, motivated, patient, calm, and have faith, faith in where I am being led.

Never give up dreams

So here I am, an Independent Solavei Social Commerce Member. This company had all the requirements that I wanted in a network marketing company. A product/service that is needed and people are already spending money on but I didn’t want the price to be unreachable for someone starting out. A way to make fast income. I liked the way the company wants to create a million thousandaires as opposed to a few becoming millionaires. I may not become a millionaire but I know one can live comfortably with thousands too 🙂

So when I  saw this picture on Facebook I just had to post about this, never give up on your dreams, you never know how close you are to your goal!

If you have a dream and you want to work on it but don’t know where to start then take a look at my website. Look around sign my guestbook and I will send you videos and materials, with no obligations, for you to find out more about this wonderful wonderful company! I Love it and I certainly hope that you do too!

So if you’re ready!



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