My Why’s To Be An Independent Solavei Member

There are many ways a person, who sees the big picture in network marketing, will stay motivated to keep doing their business, as Sandi Krakowski emphasizes, will stay CONSISTENT! Sure one of those things is money but it’s not money in itself that keeps me motivated it’s what I can do with the money that keeps me motivated. First of all, I like to tithe at my church. I’m not here to debate tithing, it is one of the things I enjoy doing because if not for the church I attend  I would be lost. I go there, I see a bunch of happy people, even if it is for just the time we’re there it is definitely a time that we are HAPPY

I also get to use the money to pay for my bills, buy me children clothes, necessities for us and the house, gas, insurance payments and the list goes on.

And yes, I like the money to buy a house, take my kids on vacation, take them out to eat.

Which leads to my biggest WHY of all! My children and my grandchildren 🙂 I just want to do a whole lot of fun things with and for them!

Time! I want the time to enjoy them. I don’t mind putting the effort forth in the beginning because I know in the long run it’ll pay off and I’ll have more time to take them to the beach, to the mall, to the movies, just to have fun.

Looking at photos of my children and grandchildren might not inspire you but they inspire me 🙂 And I know that your children (and if you have grandchildren) inspire you as well to want to work from home, to be a WAHM. If so, and you haven’t the foggiest idea of where to start I welcome you to explore my website. I am an Independent Solavei Member.

Solavei has a cell phone service plan that is off the charts crazy exciting! Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data on a 4G Nationwide Network for only $49. + tax (depends on your location) per month. Now, the off the chart exciting part is that you can whittle your cell phone bill down to $0 by just referring and sponsoring 9 members. You receive in compensation $20 per 3 people you sign up (a trio). 3 trios is $60.00 which more than covers your cell phone bill! Anymore that you sponsor you receive as additional income. Who do you know that has a cell phone? and would like to get rid of that monthly bill? It’s a no brainer! Everyone wants to get rid of any bill!!! LOL! 

So I invite you to fulfill your dream to have time and money freedom for yourself for a Loved one(s). The time has come!


KoaMala on couch w me

My grandson’s. Remember The Double Shaka King? That’s his little brother only 5 mos old here 🙂

Nen n E 150

My Nene Girl, oldest of my 3 children with her husband the night they got married 🙂
They have been Blessed with 2 sons, my grandsons in the above photo with me.

richard n dubb 150

 My son. Pictured here with Dave Hubbard, aka Dubb, Professional Bodyboarder. My son is an avid bodyboarder. He Loves it. The only thing keeping him from continuing is he has tubes in his ears and it tends to get infected a lot so he’s taking a break. He keeps busy with the church.

Rel Whole Foods crop

 This is my youngest, the baby, as I type this she is sitting with me on the couch making seaglass and shell jewelry for us to sell at the Swap Meet on Saturday, Booth 173 in case you come 🙂

They are my WHY’S! They are my EVERYTHING! They are the reason I am an Independent Solavei Social Commerce Member!

Figure out what your WHY is then



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