What Do You Declare For Your Life?

Today I came upon two powerful people who live by the word of our Lord And Saviour, Jesus Christ.

First it was Sandi Krakowski who I totally adore so I wrote a whole post centered around one of her Status Post on Facebook – Words Hold Power! What Words Do You Choose To Use? Positive or Negative?

Now this following video is from Joel Osteen Ministries YouTube Page called “I Declare” and in the intro part he talks about words that we speak setting in motion the direction our lives will go. He encourages you to use your words to Declare where your life will go. Watch the video, it’s very inspiring.


I believe I made a Declaration years ago without even realizing it. I made a declaration that I would have my own network marketing business and I would be a work at home mom (WAHM), do it without bugging people and pestering them to join, have a product/service that everyone needed and was already using, have that product and service at a reasonable price, one that most people could actually afford every month, expansion plans – WOW!!!


What is Solavei? Find out HERE!!!

I made a Declaration years ago to wait for this company and 20+ years later…here it is! BOOM!!!

And it’s not just Solavei, it’s so much more, it’s the different inspirational people that are in my life path now. So many words of encouragement and staunch faith, confidence, and knowing that they are being led in the direction that God set them on.


So today I Declare that I am a successful Independent Solavei Social Commerce Member


I Declare that I will help as many people as possible to change their way of thinking from negative to positive


I Declare that I will help many people become thousandaires


What are you going to Declare for your life?


Declare for your life financial success!


Declare for you life to be one of the millions of thousandaires!

Do It Today!




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