Words Hold Power! What Words Do You Choose To Use? Positive or Negative?

Words hold power! How we use our words will determine if we create power for the negative or power for the positive in our life. ~ Sandi Krakowski ~

Sandi Krakowski is a mom who created mega success in her life, in spite of all the hardships she endured, through doing exactly that, changing! Her website is http://arealchange.com, go there and see all the wonderful programs she has to offer but first take her free 30 day course.

Now, on to her quote.

Self talk is very powerful indeed. So is talk from outside of yourself. Even though you may not be “dumb” if you are or were constantly told you were “dumb” then you start to believe it. It’s up to you to change that belief by positive self talk. Think about all your accomplishments and realize that a “dumb” person could not have accomplished what you did. Focus on that and change the negative self talk and use your accomplishments, it doesn’t matter how little or how big they are and give yourself continuous positive self talk about that. It has to be continuous so it can sink down into your DNA and change your DNA and most of this is done consciously because we are not used to doing this but eventually it becomes a part of who you are and comes natural to you to give yourself positive self talk every day…all day…even in your sleep!

This is wonderful news I’m sharing for those who thought they could never build a network marketing business or be a work at home mom (WAHM) or dad because they just didn’t have what it took. Everyone has what it takes! There are so many successful network marketers out there that have made it big in their respective businesses and they all accomplished it in different ways but the one thing I noticed about them is their upbeat attitude which can only come from having confidence in ones self which can only come from positive self talk, and I really, really don’t mean being braggadocio either. Bragging is just an outward way to make it appear as if you’re confident, real confidence comes from within and outwards and can be accomplished with positive self talk.

It took me years and years to actually put this into practice and make this work for me and the more I do it the more it gets easier until it’s almost automatic and if I feel myself being pulled back to negative thinking I just say “Thank you Lord God” and it makes me relax, I take a deep breath, not a forced deep breath, it just comes and I immediately make a mental list of everything I have to be thankful for and the positive self talk comes back.

Kek conf peale This is a photo of my grandson. Look at his face, this is the face of a baby who is given positive words every day. He exudes confidence. I have more of him that look like he’s running for the Presidency.
I Love that in him!

This has only happened to me within this year and it’s amazing how I’m attracting now, positive things in my life like Sandi Krakowski and her wonderful and powerful messages! And also, my dream network marketing business! One that I have been waiting for for 20+ years to come along. I really was beginning to think that there would never be any such thing but here comes Solavei with their cell phone service that provides members with Unlimited Voice, Text and Data for only $49. + tax (tax amount depends on location).

Now this already low phone bill can be whittled even further! It can be whittled down to $0! Who do we know that would like to rid themselves of the 2nd largest monthly expense (after mortgage payments)? All you have to do is refer 9 people (3 trios), you get compensated $20 per trio, 3 trios gets you $60, more than enough to cover your monthly phone bill. Now keep referring and help others refer and you can make a generous additional income.

Quit that 2nd job!

Spend more time at home with your children!

Pay that car bill!

Whatever you decide to spend it on it’s guaranteed to be helpful to have that extra income.

No Contract! No Enrollment Fee! No Credit Check!
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Solavei CEO and Founder Ryan Wuerch has a dream to help one million people become thousandaires.

Roadmaps are provided to help members achieve this goal!

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