Knock Your Fear Out With Your Faith!

I saw this on Sandi Krakowski’s, of A Real Change,  Facebook page and liked it so much I wanted to share it.




knock fear faith


I don’t know where this photo was taken but here on Maui there’s a famous beach, Hookipa, and this photo reminds me of Hookipa.

I remember the first time my son went bodyboarding there I was so terrified! But my son was like ladeedadeeda catch a wave, paddle back out, wait for a wave, catch a wave, and everytime he caught a wave I was hoping he would come all the way in but he wouldn’t and then my heart would start racing all over again. Mind you there are lots of surfers out too battling in a small place for a big wave and surfers are very territorial!


At the time my son was bodyboarding there I hadn’t connected with God or accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I always Loved Jesus but didn’t know about being saved when I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Now I do. My life is not perfect but I get through obstacles a lot easier and I have faith.


I think I’ll still feel fear when my son is out there but I now know how to calm myself, I mean I used to get really anxious pacing back and forth on the beach. Lucky for me there was seaglass to distract me every once and awhile. My son would come in and say “Mom, you’re such a worrier!” Yes, son, I am!!!


My son who is turning 18 in May, growing up so fast. Lately we’ve been talking about preparing him to become an adult, responsibility and commitments that come with being an adult. Preparing the groundwork for a solid foundation now, not when he has a baby, but now. We went over the different things he could do to make money, I want him to (and he wants it too, what person doesn’t want?) be comfortable financially.


We’ve settled on enrolling him in Solavei as an Independent Solavei Member. What is Solavei? Watch this short video to learn more –



Starting him off at such a young age, being consistent and focused, in 3 years by the time his 21 years he could be a thousandaire!


First off my son is young, he Loves his cell phone, he Loves the apps, in fact, last night he connected his YouTube on his ZTE cell phone (from Solavei) to his Xbox and was controlling YouTube on his Xbox through his phone. He was so excited! He’s that way, quiet, goes about his way, and he’s better off if he’s not disturbed otherwise he loses his train of thought, and he just does some kool things with all his tech gadgets.


I remember when we were flat broke, so broke I couldn’t buy a fan and heat really gets to me. He quietly went outside and took 2 broken fans, put the useable parts together and voila! I had a fan and it worked for about 2 years before it went kaplunk! but by that time I could buy a fan, but that explains how my son works.


So getting into a network marketing business like Solavei matches him so much, he’s so tech and gadget savvy. By no means an expert but he sure knows a lot more than his momma!


I’m excited for him to get started! I want to see him rise like a star! I imagine most parents want to see their children rise like stars 🙂 That is why I like this quote by Sandi. My son is fearless in the water (I think I get all the fear) but he does have a fear of talking to people. And that is what we are working on right now with him, having faith in God and releasing his fear. I understand his fear, most people are fearful to talk to people. He in no way will be forced to talk to people but on his day to day activities he will be BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS! anyway 🙂




Powered by relationships



My son won’t be spending time talking to people about becoming an Independent Solavei Member, he’ll be building relationships and helping people to better their financial system by ridding themselves of the 2nd largest monthly bill in households next to the mortgage payment.

He’ll be helping people to make extra income, possibly rid themselves of that 2nd job and attain a dream of spending more time with the family.

This is what my son will be doing.

This is what I’m doing.


For us, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not about becoming a millionaire (although that would not be bad) it’s more about realizing our own dream of being successful and then helping others to do the same thing.


If you  know a few people who could benefit by reducing one large monthly bill and making extra income then you might want to consider becoming an Independent Solavei Member.


Need and want to know more? Of course! I didn’t just read one thing in one day and sign up. I did a lot of research and during the course of my research I found that Solavei had all the qualities I’d been waiting for in a network marketing company. So if you’d like to know more than click below –





Satisfied with what you’ve read and you just wanna get going already?






Have a Blessed and Prosperous Day!


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