God Is A God Of Multiplication

“God is a God of multiplication. What you have may be small right now, but it’s not going to stay small. You’re going to come into increase.” ~ Joel Osteen Ministries ~

Wow! This is what I first saw on Joel Osteen Ministries Facebook status right after I wrote “The Fruit Of The Spirit!” in which I described the mood I was in and how I wasn’t feeling up to par to post anything but I did anyway and as I did I began to feel better and better.

I kind of complained about having 0 views so reading Joel Osteen’s status on Facebook was a Blessing. It was God, through Joel, assuring me that what I “have may be small right now” but as I continue to do what I do in God, I will “come into increase.” I firmly believe that!

I guess this applies to anything in life, you start off small, or at the bottom of the totem pole but as you continue to move forward and take action little by little things start to come.

Like growing a garden. We don’t plant the seeds and get fruits the very same day. We plant the seeds and continue to check on it every day weeding, watering, fertilizing, whatever it needs to grow. Eventually, you get fruits or vegetables to enjoy at your table or to give to family members.

Imagine if you didn’t do those things, the seeds in your garden might sprout but without daily watering and weeding it would wither away and die.

I believe that many of our leaders today didn’t become the sensation that they are now overnight. I believe they started out just like I am now but the key was their faith in what they were doing and their faith gave them the strength to be consistent no matter what. 

It’s very motivating to me to know this, to see leaders in our network marketing industry successful and to know they started out just like me 🙂


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