God Has A Plan For You

I Love this quote. I got this quote from Joyce Meyer Ministries on Facebook. I like the message it sends to me. I’m 57 years old and sometimes I tend to think it’s too late but no, this message says different and so it is this message I will pay heed to 🙂

God has plan for yur life

This message is also good for people who think that in order to succeed in network marketing you have to be on the ground floor of the business. I believe that although some of that may be true it has to be noted that people who get into the ground floor of any network marketing business will not have the marketing tools at their disposal that comes later on. 

—–I interrupt this post to report that just a minute ago something happened to my computer, it’s an Apple App, WebKit I believe that always puts a krink in my internet. I tried to look up how to get rid of it but it’s kind of tedious. Anyway when the page reloaded all my post was gone. I was so dismayed! But WordPress put it in a draft for me so voila! Here it is 🙂 ——

Back to the message. 

Also, when you are on the ground floor of any business whether it be network marketing or not you also have to put up with all the obstacles that face a new business. And if you can’t do that, if you can’t have faith in the company that it will get fixed then you won’t make it and you’ll blame the company.

With God, yes I’m saying it again, with God there is a staunchness that one acquires that helps him to keep faith and confidence in the journey. When people do that then they become our leaders. Like Staci Wallace, Solavei’s 1st Social Executive 3.

That is one of the reasons I don’t like to tell people “this is great! you can get in on the ground floor!” because what I’m telling them is that people that start after the “ground floor” period might not make it. Not True! So many people become very successful in network marketing waaayyyy after the “ground floor” period!

So no, if you didn’t make the “ground floor” no worries, you are not too late! You did not miss the boat!


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