The Fruit Of The Spirit

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. ~ Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) ~

Every day I get a new Bible scripture in my email, I get a few. I Love receiving them, I Love reading posts from people about Bible verses, and many times I’ll share it in a blog. Especially if I think it’s important and can help others not only in their personal lives but also in their businesses.

A while back I concluded that if I did not have God with me in my business then I wouldn’t it do it. It’s not because I think that now I have God I will be successful, well I will be, but a lot of it is dependent on ME too. I have a responsibility to do my share.

God does so much more than anyone else can do for me as a partner in my business. All those qualities above in that beautiful Bible verse is all the qualities that I want to embrace in myself as a business woman.

Love – for my God, for my children and grandchildren, for my family, for my friends. They, even though they may not be a part of my business, even though they might be in a completely different network marketing business, are my life, they fulfill me in other ways so that when I come to my business I’m a happier person. They all help me in one way or another and bring joy into my life.

Peace – Without some kind of peace in my life I will not be calm and have any kind of self control. I will be an impatient bitch! and that part of me I don’t like at all! So how do I get Peace in my life? I pray, every day all day. I start my morning with prayer and pray throughout the day. I see something in the news that’s upsetting to me, I immediately, and I mean immediately say a prayer, heave a deep breath and say a sensible prayer to God over the situation.

Kindness and Goodness – I once watched a video, where one of my favorite Social Media persons, Sandi Krakowski of A Real Change TV,  whom I often quote because I just Love the passion she puts into her life, relayed to the public that someone had left a comment saying she was ugly (I’m saying a prayer now)! The way she answered that comment was so eloquent was not berating, she didn’t stoop to his level but actually sympathized with him and wished him luck in finding happiness.  She of course is a millionaire over and over. I Love the way she puts God first in everything. I will never do a business without putting God first.

Faithfullness – As I write this I am getting 0 views on this page. I get a lot of LIKES for my posts but no one ever actually reads my posts because if they did I would have a stat number 🙂 but no worries, one of the things I’ve learned is to post and post frequently and most recently what I’ve learned is to post something you’re passionate about. Well, I am passionate, as a new Christian to learn my Bible Verses so here I am. I was getting discouraged, even though I am getting hits on my Independent Social Member site, not so much, the other day I had 30 hits but I have no idea where these hits are coming from.

Self – Control – Having self-control is what is making me able to even post this post. I know I have to do it even though I don’t want to, here I am posting 🙂 Funny thing is when I start to post, because I’m so passionate about what I’m posting, it feels good. 

Thank you God in your gentleness in handling me and guiding me to do what should be done. I Love You So Much!


One thought on “The Fruit Of The Spirit

  1. What do you know! I go to check my Facebook to see if this post posted on my page and lo and behold the first status I see is from Joel Osteen – “God is a God of multiplication. What you have may be small right now, but it’s not going to stay small. You’re going to come into increase.” How do you like that? AWESOME!

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