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Knock Your Fear Out With Your Faith!

I saw this on Sandi Krakowski’s, of A Real Change,  Facebook page and liked it so much I wanted to share it.         I don’t know where this photo was taken but here on Maui there’s a famous beach, Hookipa, and this photo reminds me of Hookipa. I remember the first time … Continue reading

What Do You Declare For Your Life?

Today I came upon two powerful people who live by the word of our Lord And Saviour, Jesus Christ. First it was Sandi Krakowski who I totally adore so I wrote a whole post centered around one of her Status Post on Facebook – Words Hold Power! What Words Do You Choose To Use? Positive or Negative? … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Give a gift to your Loved ones! A cell phone service plan that gives customers Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data on a 4g Nationwide Network for only $49. + tax per month. SHARE THE LOVE AND EARN! Share this cell phone plan with 9 people (3 trios) and your cell phone service is free 🙂 … Continue reading